TEL thesaurus - Slovakian

The TEL Thesaurus is based on a lexical analysis of the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) research resources available in the TeLearn Open Archive. More than 1500 documents were analysed, it produced 372 terms describing their content, what added to the 99 keywords proposed by the authors results in the 471 terms which form this first version of the TEL thesaurus.

In this current beta version, terms are listed in an alphabetical order and accessible by the keys displayed on the top of this page. The next version will allow browsing the terms based on a conceptual organisation reflecting the hierarchy and network of the TEL research concepts. When reaching the page of a term, the reader will find a definition (taken from the TEL Dictionary) and translations; this is currently only partly achieved.

An additional objective is to provide the TEL Thesaurus in any language for which it is relevant. Then, two links are provided on the top right of this page:

The TEL Thesaurus is part of the TEL meta-project which is supported by

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